Monday, June 13, 2011

From Pencils to "POP, POP!"

I've been doing my best to document my process, lately. Partially for posterity, and partially to analyze the work as I'm churning it out. Above, you can see some of the jumps from the pencil drawing stage, to the painting and, finally, to the finished piece.

There are lots of decisions made along the way in these color drawings. Some of them are very technical. But there's also a lot of instinct involved. Personally, I'm always trying to find that balance between utilizing learned skills, and letting the beast loose on the canvas.

"Chase these clouds away! I hate this sunless Saturday!"
- Dave


Weak Orbit said...

Great to see the pencil sketches here. Keep up the great work as always.

Dave Crosland, aka King Gum said...

Thanks! Will do.

James Brunner said...

I must have gone through your entire blog looking at the massive amount of work you have. The Turtles are one of my favorites