Friday, April 22, 2011

"Spring" Drawing

Just finished tweaking the first drawing for a set of prints I'm creating, this year. I've wanted to do a print series for awhile now, similar to how I did my sketchbook series back in 2010 (Deathwarrant, Jarface & Lionseatyou). Well a few weeks ago, I finally decided to go with the theme of The Seasons. So above is the line drawing for "Spring."

I'll be running a little presale on 11 x 17" prints of this, once it's colorized. So keep an eye on the blog next week, for all the details! Come to think of it, I'll be making a couple more hot announcements, this coming week. I've been working on so many hush-hush projects, it'll be nice to start sharing!

"Y con cada dia que se pase recuerdate, quien era el mas poderoso."
- El Rey Chicle

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BILL said...

count me in Dave!