Thursday, April 14, 2011

Odd Jobs

"Well, I guess you need this more than I do."

"Don't worry! I hear it gets better the second year!"

One of the random, reoccurring gigs I have is illustrating an editorial cartoon for an education industry magazine. It's an internal publication, so these little diddys are only seen by teachers and other school system professionals. I just finished the April edition yesterday, and thought, "What the hell. I should post some of these on my blog."

It's almost bizarre to look at these, once they're done. Compared to my current work, these one-panel strips are the final vestige of my older, controlled, more mainstream way of illustrating. Looking at the works from Alphabet Attack! and the comic pages I'm drawing, it sometimes baffles me that I can still pull this style out on a monthly basis. Oh well, here's to versatility! *Sips from cup of coffee and bourbon... mostly bourbon.*

"Don't you lose control. Look inside your soul. Mirrors... mirrors."
- David, Mr Gum if you're nasty.

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H-Train said...

Nicely done Dave!