Thursday, March 24, 2011

C2E2 Drawings & Wrap-Up

The pics above are some of the drawings I whipped up, during C2E2. Much gratitude to the collectors who commissioned me for the works.

Things are finally settling back into normalcy, now that I'm back home from the show. Simply put, the convention ROCKED! Buckets of thanks and appreciation to the fans, friends and colleagues who were involved in all the fun & mayhem of last weekend. And big-ups to Reed Exhibitions for greatly improving on the show for its second year. I'm already looking forward to C2E2 2012.

Lastly, thanks to the city of Chicago. I've been visiting you pretty regularly for nearly a decade, and -- in summer and snow -- you've always been good to me.

"I love you more than I care about myself! I love ya, hate ya for what you're doin' to my health!"
- King Gum


BILL said...

holy cow mind is offically blown!


Mike Sudduth said...

Love your stuff. Espcially digging the Tank Girl and Jean Grey pieces.

Henry Quiara said...

Incredible as always Dave!