Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm Making A Comic!

After a whole lot of hullabaloo and poppycock, I'm finally working on a comic story of my own. It's a one-shot, surrealist-adventure story called "Auris Infinitum." I'll be debuting this book at Wizard World Anaheim and the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, in a month. Be sure to keep an eye on this blog for regular updates and progress shots.

"Whaddya mean there's no more? ALL the rations? Sound the alarm! There must be a stowaway!"
- Dave


Anonymous said...

Crosland, I think my face just melted from how awesome this looks :D

Anonymous said...

King Gum, this looks dope. Any wide release, or maybe through the site?

Mike Sudduth said...

Dude, this looks incredible. Truly inspiring work. Any chance you'll be at Heroes this year?