Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sweet Revenge - The Color Final!

So I just put the kibosh on an illustration for baking website that's set to launch next month. Sexy ladies, suggested violence and oversized desserts -- totally up my alley, right? RIGHT!

Even more exciting, for me, is the fact that this is the inaugural illustration to be birthed from the surface of my laser-pad (aka, my Wacom tablet)! I haven't used one of these things in nearly a decade, so there was definitely a re-learning curve. But, hot damn -- once I got back into the swing of drawing and painting on a monitor, I was trippin' at the disco! So. Much. FUN!

I can't wait to see what having Mr. Lazer (yeah, I've named my Wacom tablet) in my arsenal is going to do for my art from here on out. *rubbing hands together, diabolically*

- Gum


John G said...

This rules. Mmmmmm... cake.

samax said...

this is dope!