Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My new sketchbook, "Little Clouds"

About four years ago, I turned this old library book -- titled "Little Clouds" -- into a sketchbook. The opening inscription reads, "Started in the wee hours of January 21st, 2006." I did a few meandering pieces in it, then put it aside and forgot about it. Now, years later, I've pulled it out of cold storage and started working in it in earnest.

Above is my first finished sketch, "Glory." The book, itself, is a work of art. It's all printed on gray-toned paper. The text is hand-written, and a lot of the pages are prints of doodles, diagrams, and collages. Between all of that and my own knack for mixed-media, I'm very excited to see what sort of magic I can conjure up between it's thick covers.

Stormy seas in Oakland, today....
- Gum

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Anonymous said...

THats dope man. I hope you knock that whole shit out the park.