Friday, January 8, 2010


Low and behold, my first finished painting of the year -- "EVIL." Originally, I was gonna make a romanticized portrait of Prince Adam (He-Man) and Kringer, but this piece is much more in line with what excites me creatively, these days. Also, I'm tired of themed group gallery shows, and modern-cartoon pop art. So I figured I'd better do something I could really sink my teeth into that (hopefully) would stand out in a room chock full of art. With my fine art, I want to create images that are raw and emotive... energetic and enticing. I think I pulled it off, here. Now I just need to wait and see what the viewing public thinks of it.

I've got two more "Dangerous Women" paintings coming hot on the heels of this one! Stay tuned....

Up from the depths,

- King Gum Crosland


Anonymous said...

Really good stuff man. I like the texture of the canvas and how and skull lead to the caped lady. Aside from that i have to thank you for being a big creative influence on my own art.

Keep up the good work dude.

Lunchbox said...

I still wanna see the Prince Adam Thriller cover. I feel what you're saying, though. Good stuff, bub.

Dave Crosland said...

Haha... yeah, that Prince Adam piece will have to happen, one of these days. For now, though, I'm all about these violent-ass women with teeth like animals, and draped in dead things and blood.

Johnny, glad to be an inspiration! Keep that pen a'moving!

Dave Groff said...

look at you give'n up
these step -by step -process pics-awesomeness!! Love the piece.