Friday, June 5, 2009

Sketch 79: Inna City, Deliver Me

My special ladyfriend and I went to see UP in 3-D at The Castro Theater last night. It was wonderful -- such a magical film, and the theater itself is something out of another time. Needless to say, I came home charged like Megatron high off dat energon, ready to blast my way through a pile of sketchbooks!

Also, when we got back, PBS was showing an in depth documentary on The Western Addition (our neighborhood in S.F.), and how its poor black citizens had to fight against rampant urban renewal (aka gentrification) that took hold after World War II. It was a great program, and really struck a chord with me. The same thing is STILL going down in San Francisco, and the African American population is steadily dwindling. Somewhere between the documentary, it's mention of all the jazz clubs and music of the Fillmore District here, and my feelings on this city's race issues, this sketch came out.

I guess adversity and ill feelings really are great inspiration.

- Bunker, out.

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