Thursday, August 28, 2008

Soul Behemoth: Lovin' me some Isaac Hayes

Hey, kiddies. I wanted to share "Soul Behemoth" with you. It's a colllage/painting that I created, recently, on a subwoofer that I found on the curb awhile back. It's an homage to the late Isaac Hayes. I, like a good number of my friends, definitely felt the loss of Hayes and his amazing talent when he passed away. But it really sunk in, for me, during the following week. I found myself listening to his albums all throughout the day. I would hum them in the shower, or sing a few phrases as a corny come-on to my Special Ladyfriend. I just couldn't get that soulful sound out of my head. So I expelled the energy of that mega-appreciation, tempered with sorrow, by creating "Soul Behemoth."

This is currently on display in "2D/3D: A Customs Show" hanging at Fabric8 and Neon Monster in San Francisco. For more info, dig the text below.

-Bunker, out like two tough guuuuuuys!

@ Fabric8 - 3318 22nd St (near Valencia) in The Mission
and @ Neon Monster - 901 Castro St (at 22nd) in The Castro
San Francisco, CA
Works hanging from August 16th through September
For more info:


Scott Hume said...

DUDE!!, this is freakin awesome, no joke, nice job man.

Lunchbox said...

Pretty sweet.
But where's the love for Billy Preston?
He's got a face designed for Dave to draw.
MY friend Jamie's little boy (named after Hayes) just celebrated his first birthday. Just sharing.