Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bastards of the Universe!

"Wondertwin Powers, ACTIVATE! Form of: Pumpkin Cutter & Hiredmeat!!"

So the week of that group show, "Bastards of the Universe," has come and gone. The reception was a pretty incredible gathering of hobo-hipsters. But molester-mustaches and obnoxious plastic sunglasses be damned, it was an awesome time. The wine flowed, along with the melted cheese poured over about 500 lbs of nacho chips. Oh, and there was even some sweet artwork on the walls, too!

"Free wine brings out the freaks!"

Some of you may remember me having my sights set on getting something like 6 new paintings done in about 3 days, for the show. I must admit, I overestimated myself on that one. But hell... can't blame a brother for aiming high. I actually did work on 6 pieces simultaneously and, as the hanging date got closer, I edited down based on how far along each piece was. In the end, was only able to get one new piece done. I showed it, along with 5 pieces from previous exhibits. Luckily, I'm presenting work in 4 gallery shows in September. So I'll have use for the half-done newbies, and then some. Never a dull moment in this wily world of art!

The one that got done was "Banzai, G.I., YOU DIE!" It's a big ol' collage and paint piece where I pit G.I. Joe against their late 90's counterparts, Pokemon! It's a total mashup, with elements from an old Joe comic that I had, plus combat photography from battles on both the Eastern and Western fronts of World War 2. And then I painted on the massive Pikachus storming over the hill -- decked-out in Japanese, "Rising Sun" bandanas, shooting lighting from their cutely-furrowed brows. Funny, working on this and the other pieces me a little excited for toys, again. Call me a dork, but I gave the
action figure party that's happening on my computer desk a bit more attention, last week.

Ahem... anyway, dig on these details of "Banzai...":

Some of the other work:

Big-bad Brent McHugh came through with his delicately painted, haunting bird characters as some of Marvel's more badass villains and heroes -- Dr. Doom, The Punisher, Mr. Sinister, and Iron Man. He also did the interesting Batman and Robin portraits up above.

Then there's the art of Super Ugly. This is his "hard on intergalactic terrorism" series, "JLUgly."

And I can't forget my boy, Richard Jule of Pumpkin Cutter Industries. He's the one who organized us all and curated the show. His pieces were painted on wood, and sealed in a super-slick layer of resin. Between the shiny coating and the bright colors, Rich really got across the plastic, cartoony feel that I remember everything around me having, as a child growing up in the 80's.

Many thanks to Rich, Brent, Matt Richie, SuperUgly, DIA, and all the other amazing artists who came together to rock this group romp. Muchas gracias to the people at Shoe Biz for being such fine art enthusiasts. And big hugs and kisses to the kids who came out to show support, friends and strangers alike. Hope you enjoyed the wine.

-Bunker, out.

ps-- "Bastards of the Universe: A Pop Culture Mess" will be on display from now, into September. You can stop by Shoe Biz during store hours, to check it out. For more info, go to:

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Lunchbox said...

Funny that the one you hung/finished isn't even one you threatened to do. I like it, though. Would have been sweet to see some gore.
I dig the idea of drenching a finished piece in resin. Or even layering with resin. It made my artsy hairs raise on my neck.