Monday, August 11, 2008

Obey Wario... DESTROY Mario!

Aww, I'm kidding. Who could destroy this lovable scamp? And how the hell would you do it, when he's tossin' a fireball up your Koopa-Troopin' ass!? Bitch.

The painting above is one in a series of three that I just finished for "I AM 8-BIT," a group exhibition opening in Los Angeles, this Thursday. I call it "Super," the perfect word for describing the pasta-slurping, turtle-stomping hero of the NES standard. The other two paintings are one of Link, titled "Legend," and another of Donkey Kong simply named "Kong."

I know I've been one negligent mofo on the blog, the past two weeks. But I took plenty of process photos while working on the entire "8-BIT" series. They all need to be resized and tweaked in Photoshop (ugh), but I should be posting that stuff on here soon. Especially since I'm excited to share the finished pieces with ya'll. In the meantime, you can feast your eyes on Mario's flaming skills, and my pinup for "Pigeons From Hell" --

"Pigeons From Hell" is a freaky horror comic out on Darkhorse, illustrated by badass artist Nathan Fox. Dude is a madman at the desk. Check his site out: it's unreal. Mr. Fox was kind enough to invite me to do a pinup for the trade paperback of the book. I wanted to do something that really portrayed the frightening theme of the story, with strong design that didn't just read as a guest-artist splash page. The final product is actually the result of about a 50/50 split of real-world drawing and computer-Tron-world layering. It made the process very fun and, surprisingly, very spontaneous, even up to the final, finishing touches.

Anyway, mas pronto.
-Bunker, out


Scott Hume said...
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Scott Hume said...

dude really diggin the Mario peice, your painted work always blows me away man, keep up the always awesome and rad work dude, oh and that pigeons cover rocks, really like the colors.

paulsome said...

Hah, I was debating showing my PFH pinup on my blog before the trade was out.

-Team Cakes

Anonymous said...

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