Sunday, January 27, 2008

Monsoon Season...

Greetings, from the well-insulated warmth of our beloved Bunker!

It was a wet and frigid weekend, here in The Bay. But, amidst soggy trips to the grocery store, library and laundromat, I was able to have fun and get some keen drawing done, too. Check it:

It was a good weekend for drawing women kicking ass. When isn't it a good time for that? In particular, I had a blast penciling these pages with Aurora (my new fave in "Everybody's DEAD") slicing zombies to bits and striking dope poses.

And this pic shows early inks for the following page. This is just, like, the larvae stage of the ink wielding that's about to go down. Kee-yaaaai!

This weekend also had the most wonderful ending of all -- a deliciously late Sunday dinner, prepared by our loving Bunker mascot, Yoshimi! The wonder mutt had all the fixings ready for roasted tilapia and an almond/pine nut sauce, served on a bed of fresh arugula. Looks like she's putting all those hours she spends on the Food Network website to good use.

Now, I'm all sleepy, with a belly full of fish and a brain full of "Love And Rockets" comics and episodes of "The Shield." It's beddy-bye time for this ebony extraterrestrial.

- Bunker, out.

ps -- My special ladyfriend and I also spent time at a diner, drinking bottomless cups of coffee and honing our crafts. I worked on character designs for a new mini-comic story I'm doing, called, "Doughboy." It's just one of the things I'm cooking up for Wondercon, in February.

I'll have those sketches -- as well as more info on the short -- posted this week. Word booty.

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