Friday, January 18, 2008

"Everybody's DEAD" page process

Hey, peoples! It's been a hot Friday in The Bunker. I'm fighting off a cold, but the lines were flowing like crazy today. I knocked out a whole page of "Everybody's DEAD" #3. Keep on reading, and I'll walk you through the process! *click the pics for a larger view*

1. The Pencils -- Okay, so I was up by 8am. I put on some tea, went through my morning routine, and was at my desk working on the page by 9:30. I started with a pathetic little sketch of the page done in the margins of the script. And between 9:30 and noon, I was able to turn it into this:

It's rough, it's dirty, a little scribbly, but all the main points are there. Certain artists pencil to varying degrees of "tightness." Luckily, I'm my own inker. So I can be loose with some of my pencils, and just pick up the slack when I go to ink. It's almost like I'm being an asshole for myself to work with. Hmm....

2. Inks, Mofo -- With the pencils done, I took a moment to make some more tea and toast (zang!). Then it was back to work! After an hour or so of zen-magic wrist-action, the page looked somethin' like this:

That's what I'm talkin' about, people. Oodles, and oodles of linework. At this point, everything was outlined. My solid-black fills were mapped out (with those little "x's"). And I had erased all the pencils. All I had to do now was handle those fills. Oh and, as tightly drawn as the page was at this point, there were still errors and small fixes that needed attention.

*Some artists will actually use a light-table to do the inks on a separate piece of paper. It spares them the erasing step, prevents them messing up the inks with an eraser, and allows for a freer interpretation of the pencil drawing into an ink drawing. Me, I'm a heathen. I just like to do the majority of my drawing and decision-making right there on the final board.*

3. Inked Up And Ready To Go! -- Step 3 is all about the nitty-gritt
y. It's filling in blacks. It's making outlines bolder. It's fixes and cleanup. And after some fine tuning with pens and brushes (plus, some TLC from my delicious Bic Wite-Out pen), I bent my knee to the scanner gods. And, thus, my worship brought forth a newborn comic page!

At last, the page was finished. I had it scanned and sent in a little before 5pm. Not a bad day's work, eh?

I hope you've enjoyed this, the first of many "looks-under-the-hood" to come. I'm off to some late-night treats and "Dragon Wars." Oh yes.

-Bunker, Out.

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