Thursday, January 17, 2008

"Everybody's DEAD"!!!

After a short break from comics last year, following my work on "Scarface: Scarred For Life," I'M BACK! This time, it's with the motley fraternity vs. messy monsters epic, "Everybody's DEAD"!

Written by Brian Lynch (writer on "Angel: After The Fall", the comic continuation of Joss Whedon's Angel), this book follows the post-apocalyptic adventures of "... the last people on Earth you'd want to be the last people on Earth." It's a 5-issue miniseries. I'm working on the third issue now, and it's a blast. I'm talking, like, the Tunguska Blast of 1908! Simply put, it's a handful of dorky fratters and one badass kick-boxing chica, against the undead hordes. It's classic cult stuff. But there IS a twist to these undead hellions. For that, you'll just have to pick up the book.

This series has me drawing all sorts of fun items -- muscle cars, gore, sexy costumes, MORE gore, fraternity brawls, and did I mention the gore?

I'll be dropping plenty of updates on this blog, as I progress thru the books. For now, you can click the issue 1 cover to the right. Enjoy!

ps-- Len O'Grady (the colorist on Scarface) is also coloring this series. The man's a demigod of chroma.

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