Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Vancouver Debrief!

At last, here are photos of the art I created while I was in Vancouver, a few weeks ago. These works include three large live art paintings I whipped up alongside Jim Mahfood & Troy Nixey at the Hennessy Lounge, plus some color drawings I rocked for the friendly crowd during Vancouver Comic-Con.

The live art pieces above were created under the smooth influence of Hennessy & ginger ale, with random shots of Patron thrown in for good measure. I also managed to paint all three of these while simultaneously dancing my proverbial ass off. DJ Mykro Douglas absolutely crushed it, that night!

To top it all off, I had an unbelievable view of downtown Vancouver, the bay and points beyond, all from my hotel balcony. I couldn't help but nab a few snapshots! 

 Food One and I had a fabulous time. The people of British Columbia were very, VERY good to us. I was totally blown away by my very first visit to Vancouver. Many thanks to the fans and friends who came out to show support. And a huge dollop of gratitude to Leonard, Andrew, Troy and everyone else who conspired to make the Live Art Funk Jam and Vancouver Comic Con such a wonderful success!

"Ya just can't stop! Got ta party on!"

- David


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