Friday, November 4, 2011

New Jobs (Just In Time For The Holidays)!

While I can't give many details, I'm ecstatic to announce that I've got a heap of new work on the horizon. Definitely enough to keep me busy from now, well into 2012.

Two of the projects are still unconfirmed. But I'm hustling and bustling, churning out artwork galore and doing my best to make them happen. Fingers crossed!

One of the projects JUST got final approval this week, and I'm stoked! Again, I can't really give details. But I will say that the job involves me illustrating a major hip-hop personality in a full-on graphic novel. I'm just about done with the layouts for the book, and will be moving right into the actual pages very soon. This job is an extra special treat, because it looks like it's going to be my first full-color, hand-painted graphic novel release. At last, I'll be bringing my mixed-media mojo to a big ol' comic book project. Woot!

And fret not, dear art lovers -- I'm still making time for the personal work, in between my commercial projects. Currently, I'm putting together merchandise for the rapidly approaching Holiday Season. Ho-ho-ho, and all that jazz!

So yes... lots of excitement is on the schedule for the next several months. Please stay tuned for more updates, release announcements, and random hullabaloo.

"They're wearing steel that's bright and true. They carry news that must get through."
- David

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