Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NYCC Sketches and MTV Live Art!

At long last, here are my art pics from the glorious adventures we had in New York, during NYCC and the MTV Geek launch party. Thanks to all the wonderful folks who showed love and support at the convention. I hope everyone enjoys the books and art they picked up from mine and Food One's table. And karate chops and high-fives to everyone who made the live art party such a surreal success. That pub's dancefloor is STILL aching from the awesome power of our sexy moves!

"So forget Oreos. Eat Cool J cookies. I'M BAD!"
- King Gum.


Tanoshiboy said...

Really nice stuff!

4B said...

I specially like the last ones, the tiger and the dinosaur.

Dave Crosland said...

Thanks, ya'll! Yeah, I've been on a real "big cats and dinosaurs" kick, lately. All things wild are very exciting for my pen.

Stay tuned, guys. There's lots more in the works for the end of 2010, including a new sketchbook and some other art goodies.