Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Deadbeatsister gorilla collabo and more!

Check out these Gorilla Mitts I finished, today! They're part of an apparel design that I'm collaborating on with my girlfriend. She'll be printing the final piece for the next line of goods from her company, Deadbeatsister. Whoop! I'm handing the drawing off to her, today. Once she's added her photo-collage magic to it, I'll have the finished image up here tout de suite!

Also, I drew this Steam Man image last week. It was gonna be a sticker design (and may still be, further down the road). But I ended up using it as the back image for my new promo cards. Jiggy!

Hope ya'll enjoy.
-Bunker, out.


PumPkin said...

great designs and great sketches man. love this site. keep it real!

Dave Crosland said...

Will do, Pumpkin! Glad you're digging the new goods! Your stuff is pretty fly, too. I enjoy your characters... they're very energetic.

-King Gum