Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sketchin'... it's FANtastic!

Hey chil'rins! I was out of commission last week, fighting off the flu with concoctions, a paperback copy of "The Godfather," and heaps of blankets. But I made a miraculous recovery on July 4th, just in time to do some grilling! Then, on Saturday, we hit up the Fillmore Jazz Festival. Yes! And that night, we traveled with some friends down to Mountainview, to see Stevie Wonder in concert. AMAZING! His voice and energy seem as young as ever. And, whoa Lordy, the way Stevie can strip a note, lay it on sheets of linen, and love it down -- it's simply breathtaking.

But anyway, getting over the illness and seeing great live music has stoked the hell out of my creative fires. I've got some new paintings on the boil, and have also been writing and outlining new stories. While those things simmer and stew, I thought I'd share some of my recent sketches with you. Some of the stuff is groundwork for full paintings. Some of it is simply exercise. All of it is me doing my thing. So peep and enjoy.

- Bunker, out!


Scott Hume said...

glad to hear your all healed up man, these sketches totally kick my ass, really diggin em man, can't wait to see some new paintings, have you ever givin thought about doing a process post for your paintings, I think that would really rad to see man.

Craig Zablo said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. Enjoyed the sketches!

Dave Crosland said...

Hey dudes,

Thanks for the healthy wishes. It's nice to be back on my feet and making art again. And I'm glad you're digging the sketches.

-King Gum