Friday, June 27, 2008

Return of the Two-Fisted Gum!

If you're in SF or on my mailing list, you probably know that I've been busy as a beaver during flood season, lately. I did two nearly back-to-back live art shows in The City By The Bay, a couple weeks ago. The first show was Veni Vidi Vici: The Juxtapoz Release Party, over at Club Six in SoMa.

I lovingly call the space girl and horned-robot pic "Space Is The Place #2". The scene at Club Six was art-tastic. I had to fend off a couple wiley drunkards, but it was all in good fun. The walls in the "White Room" were covered with paintings by myself and a handful of other California-based artists. Some of the work sold that night. Now a bunch of the remaining art is hanging at Triumph, a skate shop in San Rafael. Yeah, we're everywhere....

I had such a good time at the Juxtapoz show, I totally jumped at the opportunity when the organizers invited me to rock their Tuesday night live art at The Double Dutch (in SF's Mission District). The "Angel" piece I did at that show was another bit of fun, mixed with some on-the-spot paint experimentation. Between the bright colors and graphic black, I've really been trying to push myself in some new visual directions. Who says you can't teach an old artist new tricks?

At recent live art shows (these, and the two I did in Sacramento with Food One & friends), I've been working on large, single pieces, rather than wailing away on 7 or 8 paintings throughout the night. It feels nice to slow things down a bit, and really focus on making one, supreme banger. A real perk to painting live this way is, if I don't sell the piece then and there at the event, I get to bring home something that's a lot more wall-ready or "gallery worthy" than just a sloppy-fast piece on cardboard. Now that I'm putting more of my work into art boutiques and aiming for gallery shows, that's become a lot more important to me.

Many thanks to Kelly, Chad & Gina, Bryant & Sai, Caitlin, Anthony, and all my other friends who came out to show love at these events. Big ups to Brent McHugh, Damien King, and the other artists who represented at the Juxtapoz show. And mad respect for Joey and Saree at ArtNowSF, for organizing the whole shebang.

More pics soon!
-Bunker, out like Faust.

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Scott Hume said...

I'm really diggin the last one man, I think the graphic blacks look great with the bright colors, you're painted work always kicks my ass.

yeah I love the Gen X underground special, I blame Foodone for getting me into indy comics all those years ago.

keep up the awesome work man.