Wednesday, June 11, 2008

King Gum and Food One Make Sac News!

Holy hot mackerel! Sacramento was fabulous, last weekend. And look... Jim and I ended up on the news! Zany!

Thanks to Anthony, Shawna, and the rest of the Leano Clan, for all the hospitality. Thanks to Ben, Jen, Corey, and the gang at Empires Comics Vault! Big ups to Jim Mahfood, Emo, Skinner, Mark Bode, Alex Chiu, and Stan 153 for being awesome art-cohorts! And muchas gracias to all the fans and collectors who came out to show some love!

I was sans camera all weekend. But you can see photos and art from the live art show at my boy Food One's Art Blog. Enjoy!

Bunker, out.


a_swift_1 said...

Zany, indeed.

Boom Boom Storm Cloud said...

That's awesome! BTW, are you guys going to be hittin' up Chicago this year? Some friends of mine and I will have a table there. Hope to see ya, man.

-Boom Boom Storm Cloud