Thursday, June 26, 2008

Art From Heroes Con!

I got back from Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina, a few days ago. The show was GREAT! I got to kick out the jams with my boy Food One, Paul Maybury, Rick Spears, Kody Chamberlain, and a bunch of other fine chaps. And there were some badass female comic talents there, too. Big ups to Liz Prince and Danielle Corsetto! Many thanks to Dustin Harbin, Doug, Mike & Donna, and the whole crew for making us creators feel so welcome and taken care of.

Now, of course, is the part where I show off some of the pieces I drew for fans and collectors. I didn't get a single commission order on Friday, so I just worked on some drawings to pass the time and work out the kinks.

I rocked the "Hulk Smash" pic because, hell, who could resist drawing that lovable freak?! Then I drew Jun - my little ninja-girl from a solo project I'm working on - in "Slice." Then the "Blue Man" was just some off-the-cuff nonsense. I've still got all these, if anyone out there wants to purchase 'em. Hmmm?

Oddly enough, my first commisson on Saturday was for a Hulk pic. Just not the one I'd done on Friday.

And in no time, the requests and the ink were flowing! I knocked out my first ever Captain America piece (thank Greyskull I read The Ultimates, this year!). And a guy asked me to just listen to some Dizzee Rascal on my iPod and draw whatever inspired me. Hence, the "I'm Just Sittin' Here" drawing. Oyi!!! Fix up, look sharp!

The fans at Heroes were going for some unique commissions, man! One guy wanted a Tom Waits portrait (sweet!). Another just told me to "go wild." Such fun!

And the weekend's commission requests wrapped up with a pretty Tony Montana bow on top. I couldn't have asked for a better closer. Nothing says "the end" like some 80's Miami drug kingpin action!

*** Sorry some of these pics are vertical when they should be horizontal. Some Blogger glitch is switching them automatically. Sheesh. ***

No sleep 'til San Diego Comic Con!
-Bunker, out.


Scott Hume said...
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BILL said...

Dave...holy shit these are amazing man! i cant wait for you to come back to the east coast so i can get a new con sketch. something to truely aspire to.


Scott Hume said...

Ive been a fan of yours for many years dude, I come to the blog fairly often, but I think I totally need to comment finally, cause I really love each and everyone of these peices man, oh I've been loving Everbodys dead, keep up the awesome man.

Neil said...

Hey Dave. I'm the "Dizzee Rascal" guy. Thanks again for doing that piece for me. It turned out great!

Pop-Monkey said...

Dave, these are some mind-blowingly cool commissions! It was great to meet you at HeroesCon. Hope to bump into you at another convention down the line... maybe Baltimore?
Keep on truckin!

redefinemagazine said...

duuude, you still have hulk smash images? i am a huge fan of using the term "hulk smash". :D :D :D more more. more.

Rob Guillory said...

Goddamn. Those sketches left my brain numb.

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