Thursday, November 15, 2012

The 50th Law Graphic Novel

Shortly before joining the ranks of Titmouse, Inc, I was fortunate to land a job illustrating "The 50th Law" -- a comic book adaptation of rapper 50 Cent & writer Rober Green's critically acclaimed self-help book. Detailing 50's epic turn from drug hustler to millionaire performer & businessman, "The 50th Law" is packed with lessons on how to turn life's hardships and downfalls into valuable lessons. It's all about seizing opportunities, turning yourself around & mastering your own fate. Or, simply put, it's about having the "Hustler's Eye."

Published by Smarter Comics, "The 50th Law" is available as a digital download here: ThisIs50Cent. You can also purchase the print version from and other fine book sellers.

As if this wasn't already rad enough, peep the video trailer for the book!

"I'm fully focused man, my money on my mind. Got a mil' out the deal & I'm still on the grind."
- David C.

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