Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WRECKING SKULL Presale Extended to Friday!

Folks have been writing in, telling me they don't get paid until the end of the week. So after some consideration, I've decided to extend the WRECKING SKULL presale to this Friday, July 15th. The books (and early-bird treats) will ship on Monday, July 18th.

After midnight on Friday, the pre-order doors will close for good. I'll turn back into a pumpkin, and my lovely assistant will turn back into a mouse. I can't make any more extensions after that, what with TR!CKSTER/Comic-Con week looming.

To reserve your copy of WRECKING SKULL now, complete with all the presale collectors goodies, visit my online store.

*** And remember, if you'll be attending TR!CKSTER or the coinciding San Diego Comic-Con, you can pick up your pre-ordered package from me there in person. Just be sure to make a note of it when you place your order on Paypal. Pick up instructions will be sent out on Monday. ***

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- Dave
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