Friday, July 16, 2010

On The Slate / 7.16.10

Now that I have a sexy digital camera, I can start sharing work that I have "On The Slate." I've been drawing a lot of art for projects that won't see the light of print for months. While I can't show you full-on scans, I CAN give you little sneaky peekies, via snapshots of the art as it gets worked-over on my drafting table.

IN THIS POST: These are character designs and penciled panels from an 8-page short I'm doing for BOOM! Studios' CBGB comics anthology. I'm collaborating with writer R. Eric Lieb, and it's a lot of fun. All I can say is: sci-fi meets punk rock. Zoinks!

Hey, they can't all be Comic-Con posts...
- Dave

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