Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New "DESTROY" Piece in "Little Clouds"

While warming up for a glut of painting that I did from Sunday through Tuesday, I rocked out on this new two-page spread in "Little Clouds," my book of experimental drawing and painting techniques. I love doing this stuff. Between the toned paper and the random text & drawings on each page of the book, every stroke of working in between these covers becomes an adventure. And the paper's thick enough to handle any material... paint, markers, pencil & ink... whatever I break out, the book just looks at me like, "Bring The Thunder, bitch!"

Any artists out there -- I highly recommend getting a sketchbook like this, that challenges you to do something beyond your regular pencil & ink sketching. It's great exercise, and you'll find yourself wandering into some fresh territory that you can further explore in finalized works.

"Last day of magic, where are you?"
- The King Gum


kungfutoast said...

is looks sick. Whats the company that makes these pages? also whats that red your using. i like the pop of it.

Dave Crosland said...

Thanks! It's not a company that made the book I call "Little Clouds." It's actually an old book I bought years ago, that I converted into a sketchbook in January.

I know most art supply stores sell tablets and individual sheets of toned paper. You could even get the paper, cut it down to size, and bind it yourself, DIY-style. I've got a smaller experimental book like that... made it out of cheap, brown craft paper and waxed thread. Give it a try!

Oh, the red is a straight-up paint marker. So many tools!

samax said...

I oughta try that.

kungfutoast said...

cool thanks for the info. You should check this out, seeing how your into making goods. The paper comes out a bit soft but will still hold your ink. Just add some starch to the water.

"waste ink not lint"


Dave Crosland said...

Whoa, thanks for the tip! Did you know that lint bundled in an egg carton is also great for starting bonfires?

And if you add frozen orange juice concentrate and gasoline, plus the motherboard from an old Mac laptop, you'll have yourself a tactical nuke! Lint is the new Plutonium!

Dave Crosland said...

Double-whoa! I just peeped that lint paper post and it looks AWESOME! Definitely going to start saving up my lent, again. Tee-hee, ta-ha!

kungfutoast said...

HAHAHA rad! Lint who knew! We should do a lint book trade. oooh kind of a gross idea but what about belly button lint. my GF's is a gold mine for that shit.