Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Variants: Episode 5, Guest-Starring Yours Truly!

Last month, the fine folks at Zeus Comics flew me to Dallas to be a guest star in their hit web series, The Variants. In the episode, I play a New Age-stoner version of myself, opposite the hilarious Scott Kurtz (PVP Online). As usual, I had a fantastic time in Texas. And shooting the show was a total blast. Many thanks to Rich, Keli, Barry, Joe and the entire Zeus crew for being such gracious hosts and great people to work with!

The episode launches today! Check it out at:


Dallas, TX—Zeus Comics Media is proud to announce the premiere of the fifth episode of THE VARIANTS, the web comedy series that takes you behind the counter of your local comic book shop.

“A lot of comic book stores host book signings, and Zeus is no different,” says series co-creator and co-writer Richard Neal. “But with signings comes the talent, and with the talent come demands.”

Episode 5, “The Signing,” sees Web cartoonist Scott Kurtz (PVP Online, Truth, Justin and the American Way) and artist Dave Crosland (Puffed, Scarface: Scarred For Life) doing a joint signing at Zeus. The staff has to deal with fans, of course, but the real trouble comes from Scott and David themselves. Crosland’s potentially over-medicated personality is easygoing to a fault, and Kurtz is… well. He’s Kurtz.

“No one told me they would be filming,” said Kurtz, in a statement issued by his lawyer. “I am working to confiscate and destroy all footage and persons involved with this episode.”

THE VARIANTS’ fifth episode premieres December 2, with new episodes uploaded on the first Wednesday of every month at Journalists interested in setting up interviews can contact Ken Lowery at

- S.S. Helen, over and out!


Allan L. said...

That was hilarious! Nice job, sir.

Neil said...

That was a true one-of-a-kind performance. Nice job slipping a naked woman in to an otherwise PG episode.

Food One said...

holy shit!!!! fucking amazing, dude.

Dave Crosland said...

Haha! Glad you guys enjoyed it. Big ups to my man Nathan Fox, for the naked booby t-shirt!

industri studios said...

I was gonna ask what was on the shirt... sweetness...

The kicker was the end sketch. Gold.