Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sketch Tuesdays @ 111 Minna!

Last Tuesday, I got in on some sketch-madness with a room full of Bay Area artists! It was on like Donkey-Kong! They were playing Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow's "Brainfreeze" thru the sound system, the bar was churning out $3 Dewer's drink specials, and the room was packed with artists sketching, painting, collaging, and having a creatively awesome time. Everyone was encouraged to tack their finished pieces to the wall and try to sell 'em off on the cheap. I was lucky enough to grab the last open table and bust out a couple bangers.

Nate Van Dyke was in the house!

Below is yours truly with my favorite Krull-fan (besides my dear ol' Dad, that is), Skinner. This kid is a riot... super-talented, fun as hell, and an all-around nice guy. Check out his work at If you're in SF, you should see the mural he did on the side of Lower Hater (corner of Haight & Steiner).
And yes, that's his art on the shirt he's wearing.

Skinner at work. Or is it play?

Two of Skinner's pieces from the evening. See, I wasn't kidding about that Krull thing. If you haven't seen it, you're missing out. Movie's got a cyclops in it, and a dude who can turn into a tiger. That's right, a TIGER. Hell yeah!

These were my contributions to the wall. One is another of my boxers, called "Here Comes The Haymaker." The other is one of my Savage Soldiers, only high-tech, called "Modern-Made Soldier." I still have these for sale, if anyone is interested.

I get the whole "Great Emancipator" thing, but this piece (Ron English's "Abraham Obama") really freaks me out. It's kinda creepy!

Yours in capitalistic democracy, always.
-Bunker, out.

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