Wednesday, June 5, 2013

IAM8BIT Entertainment System Opens Friday in Los Angeles!

"Robot Rock" / 12 x 16" / acrylic & collage on canvas 

This week marks the opening of iam8bit Entertainment System. Being the annual flagship, video game-themed exhibit of the iam8bit gallery, this show promises to be a real treat! My submission is the above piece, dedicated to Rockman (aka Mega Man). It was totally inspired by the epic summer after the 7th grade, when I spent days on end trying to beat Mega Man 2 on the old school Gameboy. DAMN, were those games difficult. Even for the insane reflexes of an adolescent!

I actually began this painting back in 2008, as part of my series of pieces dedicated to Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda & Donkey Kong. The rough collage, drawing & underpainting of "Robot Rock" (previously titled "Mega") sat in my studio, untouched for 5 years. That is, until this group exhibition gave me a renewed purpose to see it through to completion.

iam8bit Entertainment System features 80 artists from around the Earth, fulfilling their retro gaming fantasies. The opening reception takes place Friday, June 7th, from 7-11pm. For more info, visit

"I own the first Nintendo Power, with the maps of Zelda, help me conquer in an hour!"
- Dave C.

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