Friday, February 1, 2013

EAT YOUR ART OUT 6: Creature Feature At The Drive-In

"Eat Your Art Out 6"

12x18" / watercolor, acrylic & ink on paper

Poster design by Jane Dope

The talented Jane Dope gave me the honor of illustrating the poster for Eat Your Art Out 6. This year's theme of "creature feature at the drive-in" took me right back to my childhood, the root of my evil scribbles & paint spatters.

I had a blast creating the artwork. Especially since it allowed me to flex some wet media muscles I hadn't used in awhile. But I was truly blown away, when I saw what Jane herself had done with the final design. Somewhere between my shambled notes on how I thought text placement could work & her own intuition, Ms. Dope came up with poster that screams, "CREATURE FEATURE AT THE DRIVE-IN!" Right down to the fogged-up car windshield!

For more info on the show, visit EYAO on Facebook. This year's exhibit is a fundraiser for The Angel City Derby Girls, as well as the Keep A Breast Foundation. It all takes place at the amazing Titmouse, Inc performance space in Hollywood, on February 23rd. Mark your calendars, people. You do not want to miss this event!

"Let's all go to the lobby, to get ourselves a treat!"
- Dave C.

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