Saturday, February 5, 2011

Red Riding Hood & A Space Angel

Above, you can see two older live art pieces from my time in The Bay Area. The top one is "Laika Ain't Dead," a titular nod to my favorite space-faring dog. I initially painted this space angel at a live art performance in San Francisco. After holding onto her for a couple years, I ended up going in and reworking her -- adding whole new elements and layers -- when I was living in Oakland in 2010.

The second painting, "Red Riding Hood," was created entirely during a live art show in San Francisco's SOMA District, way back in 2006. Unlike the usual funky DJ scenes where I do performances, this show had a cellist playing the whole time. I'm pretty sure that had some influence in me creating such a creepy, foreboding image. Even though it's five years old, I still get a real kick out of how the Big Bad Wolf came out in this one.

"Show me your darkest side. And you better be my bloody match."
- Dr. Gum

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