Wednesday, November 10, 2010

On The Slate - 11.10.10

It's been way too long since I posted on here. I've been all over the place, since returning from Los Angeles, last week. Luckily, I've been making art the whole time! The pics above include (in this order) -

1. My woefully overdue pinup for CHOKER (by Ben Templesmith and Ben McCool, Image Comics). I've been attacking this thing off and on, for months. Painting can be such a different process for me, than drawing. But I try to learn something new with each piece. And this pinup has been a crash course in glazing techniques.

2. Warm-up paintings. Since painting is usually an adventure in layering, it helps me stay on point by painting several pieces at once. So while I'm doing the CHOKER pinup, I'm also painting random faces, and pulling strange stunts in my experimental sketchbook, Little Clouds.

3. The Love Growl, drawn in Mat From France's amazing travel journal. After seeing his, I totally endorse travel journals as a way to track your adventures abroad. Hell, I might even start taking a travel journal with me to the supermarket!

4. Yo Gabba Gabba. I'm drawing a sweet Muno mystery tale, penned by the one and only Kelly-Sue DeConnick. The pace has been a little hectic, but I'm having a blast. I've actually penciled the story twice, now. I wasn't pleased with my first take, so I redrew it at a bigger scale. With more room to move around the pages, I was able to draw with much more fluidity. One of my professors (David Groff) told me, "Don't be afraid to scrap a piece and restart it, if it means you'll get a better product in the end." And he was right. Plus, I've been out of comics for too long, just to come back with the weak sauce.

"I like my asses fat, not flat!"
- The King Gum.

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Mat said...

Gum! Thanks again for this wonderful Love Growl!