Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On The Slate - Cowboys & Custom PUFFED

Whew! Things have been crazy this week, with NYCC coming up fast! Today we've got snapshots of a lil' warm-up cowboy painting I started. Stuff like this is nice to get my mind set on "draw and paint" mode. More and more, lately, I've been trying to intertwine both disciplines into one form/style/aesthetic. Forcing myself to hand paint as many of my current jobs as possible is helping. Nothing like a deadline to make you lock down a technique and haul ass!

Second, is a customized copy of PUFFED (written by John Layman, illustrated by myself) that I just sent off to a collector in San Francisco. I derive an odd pleasure from drawing all over the books folks order from me. I think it goes back to my childhood, when writing in library books and textbooks was absolutely forbidden. Well take that, Sister Mary Margaret! Look at me now!

"Treat it like boxing -- Stick and move! Stick and move!"
- Dave Gum.

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