Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vote For Your Favorite Badass Ladies!

I'm taking a quick online poll: What badass ladies of cartoons and comics would you most enjoy seeing me illustrate?

Your choices are:

Evil-Lyn (from He-Man)
Harley Quinn
Poison Ivy
Asajj Ventress (from Clone Wars)
Princess Leia

Multiple votes are cool, but please limit it to 4 femininas, tops!

Thanks for your feedback!
- Dave Gum


Wynn Ryder said...

Being as I've already seen a GREAT Evil Lyn from you, I say Harley Quinn or Asajj Ventress ;)

dako243 said...

Ventress, definitely. I'd like to see your take on Elektra as well.

Dave Crosland said...

Awesome! Harley AND Asajj have been getting in some good votes. Harley's in the lead, as a matter of fact.

Thanks for adding your vote to the mix!

Dave Crosland said...

Thanks for voting, David! This is so exciting... my first online poll, and the response is already great!

janieleigh said...

Harley Quinn :D

meng said...

poison ivy thank you very much :)

meng said...

sexy badass females! you should do em all as a surprise. haha :)

Gabe said...

Catwoman, as long as its the awesome Darwyn Cooke/Ed Brubaker version.

Dave Crosland said...

Ah yes, there are so many versions of Catwoman to choose from. What, nobody wants to see the Eartha Kitt or Michelle Pfiefer look?

Anonymous said...

Your energetic lines beg to be wrapped around the lithe, leaping ninja type. And that means Catlady or Elektra. (Maybe Asajj, too, though who the heck out of innermost nerd circles knows who she is, anyway? I say a classic guy like you should stick to classic dames.)

Neil said...

You already did Evil-Lyn for the He-Man show not too long ago. So of what's left of the choices you gave, I'd say either Poison Ivy or Asajj Ventress (since Dako asked for it).