Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Silkscreened Posters for Sale!

So I was digging through the Hiredmeat Archives, and I unearthed a hidden cache of silk-screened concert posters I did way back at the start of my career! I was creating this poster art before anyone at Image or IDW Publishing ever knew who I was. These prints were actually a big part of how I got folks attention at conventions, before I had any books out. I'm pretty sure having these on-hand is what got me my earliest comic jobs, which ended up becoming the roots of my now illustrious career! Thanks, posters!

And in honor of all they've done for me, I refuse to let my remaining stock of posters just rot away in dry storage. I'd like to find these guys & gals homes, be they with collectors, music-lovers, re-sellers, or whoevers! My stock includes 11 posters in all, with each design available in varying numbers. I'll be posting them here in small batches (*though, you can peep the entire selection on my Gigposters.com page*).

Pricing, dimensions, and general info are listed beneath each poster image. Each print is numbered and signed by myself and the printmaker. Shipping will be calculated on a per-order basis. Please inquire if interested in wholesale prices. If you have any questions, feel free to write them in the comments section of this post, or direct them to dave@hiredmeat.com.
Ordering info is listed down below.

Sasha & Digweed / Chemical Brothers
3 colors / approx 11" x 28" / rare

Jane's Addiction / Live / Femi Kuti
6 colors + metallic copper ink / approx 11" x 24" / extremely rare

Cake / Spoon
6 colors + blacklight inks / approx 12" x 25"

Incubus / Hoobastank
6 colors + metallic silver & copper inks / approx 11" x 24" / rare

Place an order simply via Paypal, using my email address: dave@hiredmeat.com. In the message field, please include the details of your order, as well as your current mailing address. Check here for snail-mail ordering instructions. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery of your item(s).

"Aliens trading machines for diesel engines!"
- Dave, The King Gum.

PS -- Each poster order will include a free handbill or two, while supplies last!

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