Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Sketchbook!

What art blog is complete, without the artist's sketches?!? This book actually isn't sooo new. I got it mere minutes after landing at LAX for last month's Pledge Party. Yes, I know I still need to post those photos of the mural Mahfood and I blasted across the walls of Meltdown. For now, enjoy this video of us working on it - http://www. comicsoncomics. com/?p=30

Anyhoo, this sketchbook is about halfway filled. I'm having a blast with it... letting King Gum run loose in its pages. I'm also doodling out lots of little character designs and robot designs for some of my creator-owned comic concepts. Right now, I'm trying to decide on one idea to run with. There are plenty to pick from, in my cluttered brain, but only one will move on to be America's Next Top Graphic Novel!

Er, but yeah... drawing out different characters and creatures from my list of concepts helps me see what I've got the most passion for... which characters are writing/drawing themselves, and what ideas need more polishing to achieve what I'm going for.

Enough preamble! Here go some drawings!

I'll post more of these tidbits soon. For now, I gotsta draw!

Big-Biggie Bunker, Out!

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